Dade County AGRI Council, Inc.

Pioneer Agriculturists Every year the Dade County AGRI Council, Inc. recognizes one or more individuals or families who have made significant contributions to the agricultural community of Miami-Dade County. The list below starts with 1994 and continues to the present:

1994—Tom Mitchell, William Krome, Herman Walker, Emil Gross, Howard Bardsley, L.B. Helms, Charles Dunn, Harold Kendall, Sr., Harry Wright, Virgil Sprinkle, Herman Byars, Joseph Shaw, James Vosters

1995—Eric Schmidt, Anthony Lavargna, Sam Accursio, Sr., Mathew B. Waldin, Wilber Vick, Frank Williams, Carl Schumacker, Marvin Shaw, Seymour Goldweber, Frank Basso, Melba Wood

1996—John Fritz, Jr., John Fredrick, Sr., Julia Morton, Carl Campbell, Roy Nelson, Sr.

1997—William Krome, John D. Campbell, Willis Vick, Webster Williams

1998—George Spurling, Rosario Strano, Diana Collingwood, JoAnn Dellinger-Basso

1999—Bill Whitman, Bodil Lowe, Arlene Weyrick, Wayne Worthley

2000—George Eicher, Steve Biondo, Charles & Mary Burr, Mary Kate Parton

2001—Nell Ohff, Paul Mulvelhill, Nyree Washington

2002—Joseph LaRocca, Phil Marraccini, Sr., Dick Baranowski, Ken St. Germain, Tyrone Carlis

2003—Herb Bryan, Bob Knight, the Ingram Brothers

2004—Arturo DeLeon, Charles Williams, Don Pantin, Leandro Ramos

2005—Nat DeLeon, Robert McMillan

2006—Jack Walker, Jacinto Gonzalez

2007—Harold E. Kendall, Sr.

2008—The Finocchiaro and Talarico Families

2009—Celebrating the AGRI Council's History

2010—The Buster and Demott Families

2011—Paul DiMare

2012—The Helms Family

2013—The Rutzke Family

2014—Alcides Acosta and Blaylock Families

2015—Norman Ray Barrow and the Martens Family

2016—Debbie Brady and Mark Wilson

2017—Richard Baranowski, Christine and Van Waddill

​2018—Steve Kirk

2019—Barbara Hanck and Donna LaPradd

2020—JoAnn Dellinger-Basso

2023—Willie Carpenter and Dennis Latson